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PBXware 5 is culmination of years of hard work and passion we have put in our products in order to provide our customers with best experience possible. Besides completely new and modern look and improved functionality, Asterisk 13 is now running under the hood, allowing us to implement new features we previously were not able to. With introduction of Asterisk 13, PBXware is now using PJSIP stack, and although there will be no visible changes in the interface, this is one of the major updates in our latest version.

PBXware is the world's first and most mature IP PBX Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform. Since 2003, PBXware has deployed flexible, reliable, and scalable New Generation Communication Systems to SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide by unifying the most advanced of latest technologies. 

PBXware supports a wide range of PSTN and VoIP technologies. Hot Desking, Call Screening, ACD Queues, IVR Auto Attendants, Conference Bridges, CRM Integration, Least Cost Routing, National/Global voice networks, and much more are all deployable as a single unit or redundant network. A real cost saving solution!  PBXware is delivered either in a CD, Appliance, or SERVERware delivery format, each with an easy to use setup wizard that will have your PBX functional in just minutes. Administration is performed through web interface or CLI. Auto updates, system backup, provider templates, call recordings, and real time call/agent monitoring are just some of the advanced features offered. We also welcome and deliver custom development in a professional and affordable manner.

PBXware is offered in the
Business, Call Center and Multi-Tenant Editions, each supporting specific features maximizing performance, reliability, and expandability. Can be used as a Class 5 SoftSwitch / voip switch. See below for full details.

voip pbx new gui  
Entirely New PBXware GUI

We are proud to introduce the entirely new design of PBXware GUI. PBXware 5 offers unified look across different platforms so all of the forms, alerts and pop-up windows will now look the same on all desktop devices.

To further improve interface efficiency we have also integrated Setup Wizard parts into the main page.

Is Your PBX a complete turn-key, ready-to-use solution
 voip software    
Unified Communications
PBXware brings together Calls, Conferencing, Instant Messaging Chat, Faxing, Online Presence, Call Center Agents, Outlook/MS Exchange Directory, CRM integration etc. creating unified communications, giving our customers extended advantage in every day business life with our gloCOM Application.
  phone calls, conferencing, messaging on ip pbx
Your PBX is flexible with powerful setup wizard?
voip analog phones by cisco, htek, linksys, yealink  
VoIP/Analog Phones
PBXware supports VoIP and traditional PSTN telephony technologies allowing for legacy integrations. Some of the manufacturers supported are: Aastra, Alcatel, Grandstream, Cisco, Cisco SPA, Denwa, Htek, Panasonic, Linksys, Obihai, Polycom, Sipura, Snom, Yealink, etc.

Here you may find a complete list of supported UADs.



pstn legacy phones by linksys, yealink, aastra, panasonic
Does Your PBX take advantage of Open Source Flexibility?
Standard System Features
• Tenant(s)/Resellers(s)
• Multiple Languages
• Simple or e164 Routing mode
• Conferences Permissions
• Remote Mobile/Cell Extension
• CDR Search
• PSTN/VoIP Trunks
• IVR Auto Attendants
• Networking and Branch Support
• Conferencing
• Enhanced ACD Queues
• Music On Hold
• FAX over IP (FoIP)
• Instant Messaging Server
• Least Cost Routing
• Ring Groups
• Call Recording
• Call Monitor
  voip software features
Do You have a Superior Support and Personal Account Manager?
voip pbx desktop app gloCOM  
PBXware Desktop & Mobile Application
In order to further enhance PBXware experience and functionality we have specially developed a gloCOM - Unified Communications application for Desktop & Mobile platforms..
unified communications app for ip pbx

gloCOM is a unified communications desktop application that offers businesses softphone, user presence, instant messaging, faxing, conferencing, and agent call center facilities all in one desktop instance. Although gloCOM 5 might not seem much di erent from user perspec ve as its interface did not changed much, underneath it is so much di erent that it is almost a completely new product.

More info...

Flexible delivery methods? How about CD, Certified Appliances, SERVERware?

PBXware Dashboard provides single-page overview of important PBXware information and statistics in real time. Here you are able to see information on running services, call statistics, licensing and gloCOM editions usage as well as hardware status information.

  pbx dashboard statistics
Legacy PSTN Compatibile?
pbx sip phone conferencing  
Conferencing allows two or more participants to communicate with each other. Administrators can define user permissions and conference options as well as allow one or more participants to moderate ongoing conference calls.
You can easy move your PBX to another physical location?
Delivery Method(s)
Flexible delivery methods is what makes PBXware so popular on the market. To meet the needs of our customers we developed three different delivery methods: Software, Certified Appliances and SERVERware.
  ip pbx server appliances


Our PBXware CD installation is compatible with standard PC (x86) hardware giving you easiest and fastest way to install your PBXware with step-by-step setup wizard.

Visit our download page and get your PBXware CD software installation.


Certified Appliances

PBXware is also available with Bicom Systems Certified IP PBX Appliances as a fully working telephony system which is out of the box plug and talk ready.


SERVERware 3

SERVERware 3 is a next generation Cloud based communication solution allowing ITSPs and Enterprises to offer Hosted Cloud based IP PBX's in a redundant, flexible and scalable server or cluster network editions.

Click here for more info
Would You like Your PBX to work with Custom Applications?
business ip pbx faxing solution  
Fax Over IP (FoIP)
Fax Over IP and traditional PSTN faxing allow communication between fax machines connected to a network (Internet) or/and to a traditional phone line.

One of the interesting addition in PBXware 4.1 is option to set up a FAX cover page that will be sent out whenever users send faxes using gloCOM.
Simplicity of use to company Admin is required?
Comprehensive User Features
• Call Screening
• Call Forwarding
• Call Park
• Instant Recording
• Call Pickup
• Call Filters & Blocking
• Speakerphone Page
• Directory / BLF List
• Listen to Recordings
• Call Monitoring
• Phone Callback (optional)
• Monitoring Conferences
• Overhead Paging
• Paging/Intercom
• Hot Desking
• Personal IVR
  voip pbx advanced features
You value Easy upgrade to the next available software version?
system administration of ip pbx  
System Administration

• Web Browser/WEB GUI Administration
• SSH/CLI Administration

To make it easy for our customers that do not have much experience with working in terminal environment, PBXware 5 now
have integrated Asterisk CLI monitor in its interface. Asterisk CLI is accessible to main administrative accounts on PBXware and
does not require root password in order to access it.

Would You like all in one PBX system, with no additional software required?
gloCOM Call Center Edition
•Agent Panel
• Instant Messaging Client
• Agent Pause
• Conference Administration
• CRM Integration
• Fax Send/Receive
• Unified Comms
More info
  gloCOM call center app for ip pbx
Does Your PBX supports a wide variety of handsets from manufacturers such as Snom, Sipura, Grandstream, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom, Aastra.
call center functionality on pbx  
ACD Queues
• Unlimited Agents and Queues
• Ringing Strategy
• Call Recording
• Queue Call Back
Can You Monitor your PBX from anywhere?
Call Center Statistics
  • Queues/Agents statistics and real time status
• Inbound/Outbound Graphs
• CSV and PDF Data Export
• Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktop Applications
  ip pbx call center statistics
pbx call supervisor panel
pbx call center supervisor wallboard
Are You looking for Cloud Multi Tenant ITSP Phone System?
cloud hosted ip pbx  
Cloud Hosted IP PBX
PBXware can be offered as a Cloud Hosted IP PBX by ITSPs and Telecom companies with no limitations on Resellers, Extensions and Tenants.
Are You PBX reseller?We offer Branding + OEM.
Real Time Telephony Billing
  • CDRs
• Real Time Telephony Billing Engine
  voip pbx real time billing
Your PBX helps you to lower Telecommunications Costs?
high availability ip pbx  
System Availability
Our clients’ businesses depend on the
highest availability, this is why we provide
the highest level of system availability possible.
Your PBX provides Remote working features and remote access?
Custom Development
Per customer request, we develop custom
PBXware features for their specific business needs.
  custom developed ip pbx
Your PBX Maintenance Cost is High, already tried to reduce it?
pbx crm systems sugarcrm, zoho, dynamics, sales force  
PBXware Integration with CRM/CTI Systems
PBXware is plug and play ready for integration with MS Outlook, Miscrosoft Exchange, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, Zendesk and able to integrate with any customer custom CRM systems with our custom development services.
Are You looking for Flexible Hardware Platforms
Personal Account Manager
Our Personal Account Managers will take GREAT care of our customers, provide FREE sales consultancy and to convey some of the experiences gained during several years of work in the telecom industry.
  business telephony account managers
Do you use Open Source products such as Asterisk ?
ip pbx phone calls on mobile phone  
Call Back Option
PBXware's Call Back Option gives Service Providers a way to offer inexpensive calling options to end users with the installation of hardware and phone lines in their home country. By using the Call Back Option, end users in other countries can still access the U.S. or Europe-based solution without special equipment or phone lines. For more information, see Call Back Option
Can Your PBX easily adapt to the increased customer demands?

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Business Call Center Multi Tenant

Business PBX

The Business Edition offers traditional telephony and emerging VoIP technologies with powerful features including call recording, conferencing, FoIP, and much more.

SP Edition
SP Edition Update & Support
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