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Introducing gloCOM 5.1

London, England; June 28, 2018 - It has been 10 years since the first edition of gloCOM came out. and with every version, the great work and dedication behind it is evident. After months of hard work, we are happy to officially announce the launch of Communicator 5.1, that responds to the modern need for efficiency and practicality.

Communicator 5.1 is the modernized successor to our global communications products. Communicator offers calls with a single mouse click, instant chat, system real-time monitoring, managing system calls, conference calls, and much more!

One of the most evident features is its new silhouette design, omnipresent throughout the product from the login page, to the main window, and chat dialogues. Iconic functions such as Phone, Conference, Group Chat, and Voicemail continue to be easily located in the main window. Also, CRM Integration can be performed easily as Communicator is compatible with several Customer Relationship Management solutions, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, vTiger, and Bullhorn.

The new gloCOM 5.1 also includes a Skype for Business module that provides integration between the Skype For Business client and the user’s phone system (PBXware). As long as Communicator is installed on the PC/Mac where Skype of Business is, user Presence will be synchronized. So whenever the user is on a call with ANY of his devices, including deskphone, softphone or mobile phone, Skype For Business will change its presence automatically. Once the call is completed, Skype presence will revert back to the previous state.

“The inspiration behind all the new features of gloCOM 5.1 was our customers’ feedback, insights, and our own way of seeing the Communications World. On our path to unify communications, delivering products that make it easier and more efficient for all involved is critical. This new version is intended to merge as much as possible in the fewest possible clicks”said  Denis Komadaric, Lead Developer of gloCOM.

Another option this module offers is the Click-to-Dial plugin that allows users to make regular or conference calls from Skype For Business, via the PBXware phone system using ANY of the registered devices (deskphone, softphone and mobile phone) to make the call. Users can even make a call from Skype with a single click through the mobile network (GSM) and Skype will still show its status as “On Call” until the user hangs up on GSM. When the click-to-dial plugin is enabled, two options appear in Skype For Business: “Call via Communicator”, and “Conference via Communicator”. The user simply selects which to use.

For the complete list of bug fixes and improvements, download the Release Notes, and don’t miss seeing a quick preview in the teaser video.


About Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems was the first company to deliver Open Source Communications Software as Professional Turnkey Solutions. By combining the best of open source telephony and its own proprietary software, Bicom Systems provides enterprises with turnkey solutions that take account of the clients' exact needs within a very cost-effective framework - giving CIOs the safest choice. Bicom Systems provides the resources, core development and support services to enable popular open source projects to scale into enterprise-class communications software.


About gloCOM

A powerful desktop and mobile application specifically designed to take your business communications to a whole new level, gloCOM's main purpose is to enhance and simplify your day-to-day communications experience. gloCOM offers High Quality Voice & Video Calls, Instant Messaging, Voice Conferencing, Files Exchange, Faxing, CRM integrations and much more - delivered in a single application capable of supporting you at any time on any device and platform you are using.



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